Blue Pearl - Mission Impossible

Big day here at Denarau Marina. Laurie is flying back in to Fiji arriving at 5.50am from LA. Very much looking forward to it.

It has been a busy week on the boat. Very different from cruising around the islands. Instead it has been boat work all week except for Friday which, yes, you guessed it was a public holiday. This one was "Sports Day" organized by the government to give people a much needed day off with som physical activity to boot.

The Government also announced their annual budget. The current US government would call it socialism, others would say it is government spending with a focus on the well being of the community at large rather than just on the successful individual. Whatever...!

The boat work was a nice break for me. Actually my part of the work was supervising the guys here who did the work. All very capable and hard working. We will leave here with the boat looking great and almost everything back in working order.

So I did finally leave the marina complex to visit the city of Nadi which is about a 20 minute bus ride from Port Denarau. Denarau caters to the tourists and the cruisers, Nadi is local and fun. A bustling Indian city with hundreds of store fronts selling everything but "hose washers". You can get an iPhone, a large screen TV, every part you'd ever want for your car, clothing for every occasion and then some and , of course, all the fruit and vegetable, most of which you don't recognize, you'd want to eat. But you can't get "hose washers"

I visited all four hardware stores which turned out to be extremely popular places, crowded with long lines at the check out counters but no "hose washers".

Store staff were helpful but very confused when I asked for them. They all sell garden hose so I would show them the hose and the "hose washer". Sorry sir we don't sell those..! I guess they like leaking hose connections.

Mission impossible; maybe better luck in Vanuatu where we are going later this week after we say goodbye to Fiji at the Musket Cove resort which is on Malola Island , about 15 miles from Denarau. We are going there on Wednesday.

Captain Ruud