Blue Pearl - Lau Group

We cleared into Fiji in the village of Lomaloma on the Lau Group Island
of Vanua Baluva on Monday June 11th. The Lau Group of Islands , for
those of you trying to find them on the map, are also called the
Exploring Isles. We had to wait all day for the various officials to
show up at the boat to do their thing which usually consists of filling
out lots of forms and taking a cursory look around the boat for things
like fresh fruit and vegetables and other things that come from non-Fiji
territory and might carry some deadly bacteria exposing the locals to
all sorts of maladies. But they tend to be very nice people. So, we are
now legally in Fiji and cleared to explore the territory. There are some
complications with that for example some of the outlying islands have a
local "King" who, when visiting the island, one is supposed to visit and
bring gifts and we have to wear knee length shorts and bare shoulders
are not acceptable.

In any case on Tuesday we proceeded to Bavatu Harbor which is the type
of place that is the reason that cruisers are cruising. Absolutely
beautiful and pristine. Completelly peaceful and quiet except when the
ARC fleet shows up because now there are suddenly 10-15 boats anchored
in a place where usually no more than one or two are to be found. We
hiked up the adjoining hill which gave us a spectacular view of the Bay
of Islands where we are now after spending two nights in Bavatu Harbor.

The Bay of Islands is hard to describe it is beautiful, unique,
peaceful, quiet, crystal clear water which lots of nooks and crannies to
anchor in. You'd have to be here to really grasp the beauty, we'll take
picture but they are unlikely to tell the story. We are planning to
spend a night or two here and then move west to the larger islands of
the Fiji archipelago. We are looking forward to it what we have seen so
far is impressive and very much worth the visit.

Captain Ruud.