Blue Pearl - Pacific Ocean

If you want to find us start in the island of Santa Cruz, the Galapagos,
travel 1845 nautical miles to the West South West to latitude 10 and
look for a blue sailboat. That's us. If you want to give us a warm
welcome somewhere, travel 1100 nautical miles further West to the Island
of Hive Oa in the Marquesas archipelago and we should be arriving there
in another week or so. Looking forward to seeing you.

Yes, we will have sailed 2945 nm in about18-20 days. I think I'd
mentioned in a previous blog that we'd been looking forward to a
peaceful Pacific Ocean sail under blue skies with lazy long swells,
forget it; it's been more like a ride across the Gulf Stream with some
New England weather thrown in, a little warmer, of course, but
nevertheless challenging. Quite an experience, but the crew is holding
up well as is Blue Pearl.

The guys, Jack and Collin, caught a big Tuna our second day out, but
then hit a dry spell until this morning when they reeled in a 4ft, 35lb
Wahoo. A beautiful fish good for at least 3 or 4 dinners (assuming you
like Wahoo). A similar size catch to the big Mahi Mahi that son Corey
landed in the Gulf Stream a while ago. As with the Mahi the "killing"
and filleting of the Wahoo was quite a bloody sight to behold.

So, on we go. I think you know that Blue Pearl started 2 days behind the
fleet but we have now caught up with some of the slower boats. In
contrast some of the faster boat have increased their lead, our speed is
about fleet average, maybe just a little faster. But then we are not
here to win the race, in fact we have been disqualified from all 4 races
held so far.. ! Seems to us that requires some kind of recognition.

Our days are routine and not laden with exciting stuff, like the Wahoo
catch, all the time. We don't really see other boats around here,
except, of course, for what appeared to be a small Japanese cruise ship
that was heading right at us in the dark early yesterday morning and
ignored our VHF radio call to let them know we were there. Good thing
we'd seen her lights, it was a near miss..!

Stay tuned.

Captain Ruud.