Lexington - Captain Bob: 10*56'north. 58*30'west

We are smelling the barn more and more. Most of the boats will be in Grenada by today. Lexington, Solo and Zeeland will finish up the group. We still are enjoying consistent winds in the 20s and moderate 4-8 foot seas from the starboard. The seas give a lot of roll. All in all it is pleasant in the cockpit but a little rolly below.
Below is for sailors only. If you have an opinion please comment.
So I will toss out something that I have not resolved in my mind, that is using a preventer versus a boom break. Most people I see favor a preventer. There is no other boat with a boom brake. That being said, there have been some breakages on this trip using preventers. We ran the line inside the shrouds once. When we jibed the line bent the mast pulpit. One other boat had the preventer line attached to a mast winch which promptly pulled off the mast with a jibe. Another boat broke a shackle at the boom attachment. Another broke the vang and broke spectra line.
In my opinion boom brakes will not prevent a jibe but will prevent the possible breakage and damages of an accidental jibe. The boom brake must be set very firmly. There are adjustments to the friction of a boom brake. Boom brakes make noise in the cabin as they squeak with the slightest movement of the boom.
There are some that say to use both.
I am truly interested in opinions although I doubt I will need to know after I sell my boat.
May fair winds fill your sails with wind only on the correct side!