Air Power - Mar 10

We're about a little over 300 miles east of the Marquesas Islands. If I shot an arrow directly north, it would land somewhere in Juneau, Alaska. Even Hawaii is hundreds of miles west of our longitude. (we are 133 degrees W) Those degrees in the parenthesis mean that is how far west of 0 degrees (London Time), we are. Or, you could say we are 47 degrees east of the international dateline (180 degrees E/W of 0 degrees). Knowing this doesn't mean a whole lot unless you are delivering a pizza around the dateline. Go the wrong way, and you are either early or late.

Speaking of food, we grilled our final two rib eye steaks we purchased in Panama. I think they came from the States because we paid for them in US dollars. Oh, of course, everything is Panama is paid for in US dollars. Only the tiniest coins are Panamanian.

One of the things you have to make note of; is the time zone you are in. Keeping a ship log, requires us to make an entry every 3 hours. If we adjusted our time zone every 15 degrees (which is how the world is divided up into 24 hours), it would be hard to make radio appointments with fellow cruisers (and to figure out which time to put a log entry in). So, as a World ARC fleet, we keep the time for our last port. Currently, it is the Galapagos Island, Ecuador. Being 2700 miles west of there is similar to being the same amount of miles west of NYC. The sun comes up around 9 am and gets fully dark around 10 pm where we are. The fleet is pretty spread out, as would normally be the case in a long passage, but we made it worse by leaving Galapagos 10 days ahead of the fleet and then a couple of the boats left a few days after the fleet. So we're all using the same time for fleet communications but the sun is on its own time reminding us we are getting very close to Marquesas!

Dave & Jill