Libeccio - The Start of the World ARC

Guest blogger: Bill Sweeney

As we ease our way towards Santa Marta we bring to a close the first leg of the World ARC aboard Libeccio with Jane and Kevin. When last I blogged we were mid-Atlantic on the ARC rally from Gran Canary TO Saint Lucia!

This week has been hectic to say the least - Marianne and I had flights from NYC canceled due to a snowstorm - leading to frantic rebooking and a one day delay in arrival. That translated into a one day delay in departing Saint Lucia - otherwise we'd be sitting with you telling lies verbally rather than via blog.

The week has been replete with (mis)adventures and surprises. The misadventure started with our delayed arrival on Saturday to find that our luggage (all of our luggage!) had opted to remain in Newark. Hang Ten benefited greatly from my frantic shopping trip; showing that the World Arc really does boost the local economy.

Enough of misadventures - what about a surprise? Try getting hit in the chest by a flying fish during the 1-4AM watch while sitting 6' above the water. Getting hit a second time the next day just added insult to injury.

Fortunately things settled down after that and we got to experience some terrific sailing.

Kevin wants me to point out that yesterday Libeccio led the way in miles made good in a 24 hour period. As a reality check, Jane points out that those that already arrived aren't included in the tally. Optimist vs. Pessimist in my book.

We did have some spectacular winds - ranging up to 25 knots. We flew 'Izzie' our IZTEC Parasail for almost the full 24 hours - enjoying a smooth, fast run hitting speeds up to 14 knots. We've had just enough rain to give Libeccio a nice rinse; no squalls and no middle of the night scrambles.

Listening to the 6PM call I'm reminded to mention our fishing adventures. We have seen lots of action, lost lots of lures, and are having pork chops for dinner.

Speaking of the 6PM call we discovered that the microphone on the radio was very sensitive. You all missed Kevin's scintilling wit as he rambled on like a stand up comedian each night. We'll know who in the fleet fiddled with the radio - he'll be the for whom everyone else is buying drinks.

Looking forward to an early morning arrival at Santa Marta and hoping that the ARC tradition of being met with a rum punch is still in force.