Lexington - Captain Bob: Cape of Good Hope

The Cape of Good Hope is about 7 miles off our starboard. We have luckily planned our trip to have very nice weather. Currently we have 12 knots of wind and 2-4 foot seas and bright sun in clear skies. I probably should not be writing this until we are safely in the marina. We are not brilliant sailors. We are fortunate enough to have many factors to our advantage. We have used an excellent weather router, Chris Tibbs. Chris started out with us as part of the World Arc in St Lucia but dropped out due to other obligations. We have lots of weather data supplied by many sources. I use Saildocs.com to retrieve about anything I need to include wind, 500 millibar charts, surface pressure isobars and currents. I have not been able to find synoptic charts 5 days out like I can get for parts of the rest of the world. The worst part of this is that it probably instills over confidence in me. After all I have sailed around the Cape of Good Hope and used the Agulhas Current to our advantage. One of our boats had 40 knots winds in the same area but they were much better sailors and had no problems. So as I have said many times, "I am not much of a sailor but I have made it this far". At the museum in Mossel Bay there was a map of all the ship wrecks that would cause anybody great caution. We will continue our caution to get back to the USA with no major mishaps.

May fair winds fill your sails with fresh comfortable winds in the right direction for a safe daylight arrival.

The photo is the Cape of Good Hope