Lexington - Captain Bob: Mossel Bay Bartolomeu Dias Museum

We went to Mossel Bay Bartolomeu Dias Museum today.  It was near the water where we are anchored. It was recommended for someone with just a little time in Mossel Bay. 
There was a large tree by a spring of fresh water. The boats would come here to restock fresh water and what ever food supplies they could trade with the local inhabitants. Very early one boat stopped after one of the boats in their 3 boat group was lost and the captain of that boat was lost in the sea. They left a letter describing their trip in an old sea boot hanging from a milk wood tree. Later that year another boat got the letter to take back. This started a tradition. The museum continues the tradition with a postage box there. 
This is our boat taken from the museum 
This is a replica of the original boat. The replica was sailed from Portugal to Mossel Bay on an anniversary of the voyage. 
May fair winds fill your sails with interesting facts. 

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