Lexington - Captain Bob: Nelson Mandela

Yesterday I went will the crew of Owl to visit a museum for Nelson Mandela. As usual it was a long drive to the site but it was enjoyable and informative. I knew some of Mandela's life but quiet honestly not as much as I should have.
It is inspiring how some people can make such a difference In the lives of so many people. To me his story was like Martin Luther King. They both was against massive odds and persisted while making great sacrifices. South Africa still has a lot to do in improving the lives of the black population and it will continue to be difficult because there is no easy answer. Probably the best thing is to improve the overall economy as raising water floats all boats. Education for the youth is probably the next most important step. Solving government corruption is also a big step. With power comes money and corruption which cuts off some benefits to the general population. It is difficult to share the wealth as we know from our own economy.