Lexington - Captain Bob 11/13/2017. 28*. 46' south. 32*. 13' east

We are about 5 miles out side the Richards Bay outer markers. It is predawn. We will be glad to be in. Most of the last 24 hours was in 20-30 knot winds but not unpleasant. We did most of it we twin head sails. This leg has been a little more challenging but just that we had wind from the wrong direction. We have been spoiled by lots of down wind sailing. There are two boats that are 1-2 days out. There are two other boats that are within about 40 miles of us. One boat stopped in Madagascar to avoid bad weather near Richards Bay that will occur within 24-36 hours. He was delayed getting rigging fixed in Reunion that was not discovered to be bad until the day before we were scheduled to leave. It was new rigging that may not have been done properly. There is a reason smart people live on land.
There is a low and an attached cold front just south of us. In 24-48 hours the winds will switch to the southwest over he Agulhas Current. You do not want to be there at that time. Significant wind against a current gives short steep high waves and misery. Our conditions right now are most pleasant. We are reefed down in 17 knots of wind from the starboard quarter.
There are some good activities planned for us so a good time will be had by all.