Lexington - Captain Bob: 11/11/2017. 26*. 16'. south. 39*. 23' east

It is a beautiful day at sea. We have slow (8-9 second period) swells from the south and minimal wind waves. We are in a brief period of lighter winds of 8-9 knots that are supposed to last to tonight. I hate to motor sail but we will be tight on our arrival weather so we are gaining about 3 knots of insurance. I have said this many times in this blog, there are much better sailors than us in the group that get by with many less engine hours. It is a combination of somewhat faster boats and much more experienced sailors. When we were down wind sailing we could keep up better. A boat like Skyelark of London is longer (therefore faster hull, speed), sails more close to the wind and has two excellent skippers that run it as a business. I am guessing the are a 125 to 150 miles ahead of us with probably one forth the engine hours. If you want to get a taste of off shore sailing and want to see it done right sign on wth them for an ocean passage. It will not be cheap but it will h
ave value. I have even thought about it myself but I think I am too old and will not do anymore major ocean sailing.
Now the next thing is to decide what the hell I am going to do when I get home. One person suggested male pole dancing. I have rejected that suggestion and have considered the source. The easiest thing is to go back to work as a doctor. I enjoyed it when I left but at that time I was self employed and in the future I would be working for someone else. Hard to do at my age. I could try to do a lot more with the grandkids but I would worry that I might interfere too much. I might just go full time tending my garden and keeping my farm free of weeds. That would be a full time job
I am open to suggestions. Let me know what you think
May fair winds fill your sails with productive challenging days work.