Lexington - Captain Bob: 10/6/2017 15*. 23' south 84*. 25' east Indian Ocean

We have lost the use of our satellite phone for email but I am writing post to send later.

We have had a brisk sail for the first 5 days. I am glad we have our sea legs because it is they're of unsettled seas that can make you sick as a dog.

I did a couple of hours hand steering this afternoon. My thought is that it is good exercise and increases my upper body strength. The seas are not bad but the highest swells are probably 12-15 feet. I have tried to time the waves to make the ride a little better. Every once in a while I time one real good wave and get a lovely surf down the front of a wave. I saw 15.5 knots speed over ground once and commonly 12-13 knots. There were several that I caught wrong and it would swing the boat around 30-40 degrees.

We are doing well but you have to be a little foolish to do this sort of thing. But that is what my wife says about marrying me.

I hope all is well with all of you!

May fair winds fill your sails with controlled surfing down the waves.