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I do it all the time but it still amazes be that I can stay in touch with people around the world while sailing around the world.

My 50th high school reunion (Bryan Station) is scheduled soon. I will truly miss going to see everyone. Thru this blog I have been in contact with Joe Fast, a classmate. Joe writes for the Paris Kentucky weekly newspaper. He was letting me read a piece he had penned about the anxiety of deciding to attend or not attend a 50th reunion. He plans to write about his feelings after attending. The natural tendency is to worry about being sized up by your peers. Have you been successful? Have you acquired wealth? Did you marry right? Were you able to stay married? Do you have grandchildren? What comes up if you google your name?

Then the next big question is what is success? Would you truly want to trade places with one of your classmates. I often say about myself, "I wish I had had more fun in my younger years". I was a bit of a nerd. To finish that thought, I realize that if I had played around more I would not have been able to get into medical school which I think is the biggest life defining factor for me. I am a doctor and that defines me. How often do we ask a new person we meet "what do you do"? I loved my training at Mayo Clinic. I was proud to be part of Mayo Clinic. I was proud to be a solo doctor who did things my way. I was proud to be able to give away care without having to consult a CFO. I was proud of cancer patients that lived beyond their cancer.

I was proud that my employees (after having gone there ways to other offices) have referred to our old office as Camelot. I am proud that I funded a retirement plan for my employees that amounted to 25% of their earnings. After all this patting myself on the back, am I any more successful than any one classmate? I think not. I am just happy with my life. I hope I can continue to be happy in my retirement. I hope I can be a good grandfather.

Joe also told me that Herb Burns was making a video for the reunion and planned to put a short clip that I had posted of me underwater. It is nice to be included even though I will not be there to share the experience with everyone. For any classmates reading this, l hope we will see each other at the 75th reunion.

May fair winds fill your sails with old friends!