Lexington - Captain Bob: 9/7/2017 11*. 12 ' south. 125*. 48' east. headed to Lombok.

We are headed to Lombok. Unfortunately we have a bad combination, light winds and a tight schedule. Sam and Karen's daughter is meeting us in Lombok. We are trying to coordinate our arrivals which is sometimes hard to do on a sail boat. Right now we have 12 knots of wind that we could get by with but we are motoring to try to maintain a speed of 6 knots. If we could get 14 to 16 knots of wind we could easily sail and make good time.

We have some long legs coming up. It will help us knock off some degrees. From Lombok to Africa is around 5,000 miles I think. It will be broken up with stops at Christmas Island, Cocos Keeling, Mauritius, Reunion Island and then to Richard's Bay South Africa. At Lombok we will be about 183 degrees out of 360 degrees of a circumnavigation.

When we get to Capetown, Sam and Karen are going to Kentucky for Christmas and Judy, Kelly, Drew, Audrey and Sam are coming to visit South Africa with me. I hope they have a good trip planned out. South Africa is supposed to be an excellent place to see.

After CAPETOWN we will cross the Atlantic to Brazil then to Grenada and then to St Lucia. I am sure it will be a big celebration. But then we have to sail back to the USA.

This has been a big adventure that has gone by fast in one way but slow in another. It seems like just yesterday that we took off but on the other hand we are only half way around and have 7 months left to go. It is hard to get my head around. The longest vacation I usually take is 10-14 days at the most. This was a big step that was hard to conceptualize. That is just how my head works. I just go at it and keep my head down until someone says it is over. I spent 5 years in residency at Mayo Clinic and never counted a day, never counted the hours worked, never counted the nights on call and it flew by.

May fair winds fill your sails with short legs and exciting ports!