Lexington - 8/11/2017 Touring Sydney

We are in Sydney for a side trip. We are doing our best to see as much as we can in our short time. There is a lot of learning on what and how to do things. There is an excellent transport system with their OPAL card that works for most public transport. We toured the Opera House and bought tickets for an opera. That is a real dichotomy, a redneck farm boy going to an opera at the Sydney Opera House. We will see if I survive. I took a tour of the Sydney Opera House which I thought was very well done. I can not remember many of the facts. Like most public arts projects, it took a lot of foresight and probably blind faith. They had a cost overrun of about 1500%. The architect fell out with the political powers that came into power after the project began. He resigned. The project was put on hold. There was a committee of architects assigned to try to continue with the visions of the original architect. Can you imagine a project with a committee of architects? The happy ending is that it is a World Heritage Site which occurred before the architect died. He never saw the completed project in person because of the conflicts and his age but he was alive to appreciate the success. Most interesting is the fact that a lottery was established to help fund the construction cost. The cost was covered in just three years. May fair winds fill your sails like the sails of the Sydney Opera House !


Opera house from the entry area


The roof which is portions of spheres covered with ceramic tiles to depict sails on a boat. There are no gutters exposed. The rain collection is between the tiles. There are no outside utility connections that would distract from the building. {CAPTION}

The main opera hall with seating all around and usually no amplification.
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