Lexington - 8/9/2017 Sydney

We flew to Sydney this morning for a few days of sight seeing. We checked into an air b&b which is a brand new condo in the central city. We rode the hop on and hop off bus all afternoon to get our bearings so we will know what to try to go back and see tomorrow. My impression so far is: 1. Sydney is a huge big city 2. Sydney seems very affluent and young 3. Most of the young people we saw had a cell phone in their hand. 4. I saw little obesity. Now the big question: What is the difference between Port Resolution, Vanuatu and Sydney, Australia ? They both had people at about the same time. They are both islands. One has skyscrapers and one has thatch houses. The more developed one was started with convicts. WHY the difference? May fair winds fill your sails with questions that make you think! Bob