Lexington - Port Vila tour

We went on a tour that was optional thru World Arc. Most all the people went on the tour. It was very tourist oriented but enjoyable. We went to an area that was to demonstrate a typical village. They had good demonstrations on village life and how they use natural resources to survive. They used spider webs wrapped around forked sticks to catch small bait fish. Then they made a type of fish hook out of chicken bones to catch fish. The hooks were not hooked in shape or barbed. They let the fish swallow the hook deep in their gut before they attempted to bring in the fish. They made fishing line out of twisted tree bark. They also had a fire walking demonstration. I am sure there are a few tricks that I did not pick up. They walk across hot lava rocks. He was careful to hold his toes up. I will attach a few photos. May fair winds fill your sails with cooler rocks to walk on! Bob