Lexington - Mixing of Cultures.

So I will probably show some of my ignorance, but I tend to notice things that do not fit the picture. Like the first grade lessons of looking at five objects and picking the one that does not fit. We were at the volcano and the people running the tour were doing their best to present their culture. They had dancers dressed in grass outfits doing native dances. It was very enjoyable. The "no fit" was several of the westernized workers of the tour company joined in dressed for work in westernized outfits. At another event with similar dancing and grass skirts etc there were examples of westernization. I spoke with someone who had been to the same event for the World Arc two years ago. At that time the dancers wore nothing but their traditional leaf wrapped around their penis and women with just grass skirts with bare breast. At our event there was a man with a Michael Jackson T shirt and another with a web site advertisement. We are trying to help the people of Vanuatu but we need to be careful of unintended results. The missionaries came to save the natives and help them get to heaven. Unfortunately the missionaries brought devastating diseases which killed off very large portions of the population. It could be said that the missionaries did not realize how quickly the natives were going to get to heaven for their unintended result. Just like some of my ventures in life. May fair winds fill your sails with good intentions and good results! Bob