Lexington - Tour 6/17/17

We took a tour today. World Cruising had arranged it for everyone. That is one of the things that World Cruising does very well. We had a bus (very old) to take us to Ene’io Botanical Gardens. The owner was a very nice native Tongan who had devoted his land to a botanical garden. He was well educated, with a agricultural degree from the University of Hawaii. He had been the Commissioner of Agriculture. He had about 500 species of plants.
They also had a demonstration on the uses of coconut, weaving palm leaves, making a cloth type material from tree bark and making kava powder for a mildly intoxicating drink.
After the demonstration we had a very nice lunch with local dancers performing. I did not remember everything but I will try to name off what we were offered. We had a salad, baked fish, yam fritters, suckling roast pig, clams, taro root, papaya, banana, coconut, coconut cake, coconut pudding. It was all very tasty and nicely presented. I will show a photo of a dancer.
We will leave this anchorage tomorrow morning to see some outer island sights. We are in a very protected area with a major village. We will come back at the end to check out and start the next leg.
May fair winds fill your sails with out-island sea breezes! Bob