Laura Dawn - French Polynesia log 14: And we're off.....

Thats it! We've left French Polynesia. Land of friendly people, amazing scenery, fantastic water and wildlife and baguettes.. Next stop Suwarrow...

We were all very sad to have left Bora Bora on Sunday, we loved exploring the islands and atolls, meeting incredibly friendly people and experiencing new food.

Cameron and Cibelle (World Arc Staff) did a great job on advising us where and how to get to all of the places we visited and Wow!, it felt like we found some of the best spots. We seemed to be chasing Obama and Springstein around the islands and if it's good enough for them...! Nice work guys and thank you.

We are currently on route and on day 4 of our passage to Suwarrow, the weather has been interesting, everything from 5 knts to 37 knts and broad reach to dead downwind. Reefs have gone in and gone out and we are currently sailing with the wind at 150 degrees on the port side, 1 reef and full genoa. The sea is very messy and the we are banging around a little, although I do believe the monohulls are rolling a lot more than us, sorry guys.

We do however have good news, we (well, Martin) caught a blue fin tuna yesterday and we had an amazing tuna feast as well as stocking the freezer - that reminds me, it's currently 19:00 and I think I should go and retrieve the fishing line now :)

LD: 19th May 2017