Lexington - 13°. 51' south. 159°. 35' west

It is 5:30 and I am coming to the end of my watch. It has been a pleasant night with winds in the 10-13 knot range and boat speed 5.5-6.5 knots. The only negative is the roll from side to side caused by southerly swells coming to the boat from the port side. Right now I am steering a little to the north to help a rain shower move in front of the boat and then off to the rear in the south. It is not big but it was easy to help it get out of my way. The only other negative is that with the rolling, it causes the foresails to flap occasionally. I hate hearing the sound because I know it is hard on the sail. When the boat rolls a lot the sail will lose its air and refill with a snap like a whip. It has added to the wear. We are doing well and two hundred six miles from our destination. Our hopes are to get there before dark to make a safe entrance in the day light. We are going to an atoll with a narrow entrance. All landfalls are better in daylight. We will stop in Suwarrow for about three days and then head on to Niue which is about another eight hundred miles. May fair winds fill your sails with light and good air, not light air!  Bob