Timshel - Off to Tahiti

After Fakarava (where it blew a lot from the W and was rather bouncy) we headed to Toau. Exited the Fakarava pass in a rain squall and arrived at the pass into Anse Amyot in another this time with 25 knots of wind as well. The Amiels, Shamal and Ashia, had overtaken us and went in first and Marcel was very kind to come over in his dinghy to help us get the buoy. It was rather alarming with the strong wind and the tide rushing past - but no rolling or sailing around the boat was completely steady (just the dinghy filled with water!). Sumore and Laura Dawn soon arrived then Misto the next morning. Unfortunately the weather - lashing rain and 25 knots plus of wind - did not allow us to fully appreciate the beautiful place nor could Cameron's friends Valentin and Gaston open their restaurant for us, as it was too rough to get to their fish traps. They did kindly set up a happy hour for us on the beach - we all took some "nibbles" and drink ashore and had a very sociable few hours - it was great to meet Gaston and Valentin. Next morning Laura Dawn and Sumore left at the crack of dawn, closely followed by Misto, Ashia and Shamal. We did not think there was any possibility of us doing the 240nm to Tahiti in time to arrive in daylight next day so we left last at about 11am. Had a great sail all day making 6 or 7 knots wing and wing with poled out yankee, there was a god knot of favourable current too, so much faster than the 5 or 6 knots we had planned for. While the Cats were wondering having enough speed we were thinking to slow down sometime. Next morning we all got what we thought was a squall, but in fact although the rain went away we have consistent winds of 20kts plus so we are reefed right down, trying not to get there too soon and planning for arrival first thing Friday. We should have quite a reunion at Marina Taina, so many boats are currently en route.