Laura Dawn - French Polynesia Log 9: Windy City

38 knots overnight... making it a windy city here in Taou. It didnt stop us exploring though yesterday and snorkelling (well attempting to anyway), and we found loads of crabs on the little island that was next to us in the anchorage. We took the dinghy over (sideways mostly), and Martin even finally got his haircut on the beach there.

Tuna for dinner courtesy of Cameron and Siebeles catch on the way up from Kauehi, as our fish hunting wasn't so fruitful on LD! Shamal, Ashia, Misto and Timshel were also in, so we spent a happy couple of hours catching up with them ashore at the 'Happy hour' that Valentine and Gaston put on at their home/restaurant. Amazing people, fantastic place and we certainly hope to go back someday.

An amazing sunrise this morning set us off on our way to Tahiti and it feels like we're about to roar back into civilization after what feels like some very remote and beautiful places. We should be in sometime tomorrow and are currently doing 7 knots with a full headsail and 1 reef in the main. I'm not sure we're quite ready somehow for marinas, shops or internet!

16 29 48S 147 25 60W
LD: 19th April 16:47