Laura Dawn - French Polynesia Log 8: Our last stop

Well we are underway to our last stop in the Tuamotos. We are en route to Toau for our last couple of days in this amazing place. Its been a whirlwind romp around the atolls and we've called in at Fakarava: village, south and south pass, Kauehi: village and pass, where we spent a very happy and slightly scary at times afternoon snorkeling the pass (the sharks are a little more inquisitive there!) and a fab evening on board Misto for dinner and a few drinks, an overnight stop in Raraka: where a very helpful local kindly showed us the way in through the narrowest and choppiest pass yet (we fully buried the trampoline underwater a couple of times getting out!), then back to Kauehi ready for the early start this morning; which was a little delayed due to our anchor chain being wrapped around a rock and took some careful negotiating to release while avoiding running aground on the other coral heads and rocks - a bit of a hazard of the Tuamotos it seems!

The weather has been greyer with rain squalls and winds out of their normal trade winds, making Easter Sunday feel a bit of a lie in day, although we didn't manage Easter Eggs or Church, we did have close to a traditional roast dinner with Chicken, veg and gravy and mustered some chocolate to follow it up. The ginger beer production and consumption is going well, as long as we remember to keep letting the air out daily to avoid explosions!

Currently we have 12 knots of wind from the south east and are making 7 knots with one reef in the main and a full headsail.

15 49 10S, 145 50 52W

LD: 17th April 11:50