Misto - Days 95-101: Kauehi and back to Fakarava

Kauehi is an easy day sail away and for us it was a boisterous close reach across from the south of Fakarava. We spent the first night by the village, Tearavero, a small settlement boasting two stores, a large Church and not really much else. The water near the village was not particularly clear when we were there and so we went to join Timshel, Tastelai and Skylark who were anchored in the south of the Atoll. this met my desire for a deserted dessert island-type anchorage. The small Motus in the south were populated only with palm trees and coconut crabs crushed coral beaches fringed each one. The other vessels left us the following day and we enjoyed a night of true isolation before meeting up with Sumore, Owl and Laura Dawn closer to the pass where we drift snorkelled and had a pot luck dinner aboard Misto.

We all parted company - Owl decided to go to Tahiti, Sumore and Laura Dawn went to explore Raraka and we decided to return to Fakarava as we needed to replace the water pump on the generator. Some strange weather also followed as Tropical Depression number 19 over Fiji caused winds to clock right around, including from the North, West and South, eventually returning to the east on April 17. although we replaced the generator water pump with a reconditioned one we still have a small water leak and will need to obtain a new one. Adding to our woes the anchor windless motor appears to be a problem which we will also need to resolve as it seems to be operating at half speed and keeps tripping the breaker. We are now planning to go to Toau (assuming we can get a mooring ball as anchoring is not an option) and then on to Tahiti to arrive April 21 to get all our maintenance issues resolved.
At 4/15/2017 5:26 PM (utc) our position was 15°57.49'S 145°10.14'W