Lexington - 3/20/17. 9°59'. south. 132° 05' west. 410 miles to go

It is my watch, 3-6 a.m. We are motoring because we ran into a few squalls before dark and did not want to do the same after dark. I hate motoring for whatever reason. We will start sailing at daylight. We have not advanced our ship's clock so it will not be light until about 8 a.m. We do not advance the clock as a group so it is easier to keep everyone on the same time. We all advance at each port and then keep that time until the next port. When we get there we will be in time zone 9. Lexington is in 5 but you have daylight savings time which technically puts you in time zone 4. If I am right it is 4:30 a.m. here and it should be 9:30 a.m. in Lexington. If I am not right you can go back to bed! I have been doing a little reading on where we are going. Just trying to stay ahead and make sure we do not miss anything good. We have Cruising guides on our computer system. Charley Simon wrote a Cruising guide type book after he did the trip in 2015. It is called "QUICKSTART CIRCUMNAVIGATION ". It is very simple but covers the important points briefly in a well organized fashion. I think it is cheap and online. We are getting UK scores that keep us up on the NCAA TOURNAMENT. I must say I am not very impressed with the scores. Hopefully they are saving up for the bigger games. Here is hoping for continued success. We will probably transfer fuel tomorrow. We carry a 50 gallon fuel bladder on the cabin top. We can transfer fuel from the bladder to the main tank with gravity and hoses we carry. The bladder gives us a little more motoring range. We have 115 gallons in the tank system and 50 gallons in the bladder. At a low rpm we can do about 5 knots using 1/2 gallon per hour. This gives us the potential to motor about 1,000 miles if my math in my head is right. May fair winds fill your sails with a full bucket list! Start your list today! Best wishes, Bob