Timshel - Galapagos to Marquesas Day 19

The wind went away completely just while I was sending yesterday's blog. Sails crashing and banging and shaking the boat to pieces, wind boxing the compass, trying to steer but not getting anywhere, boat rolling in the swell. Also just that moment saw a target on AIS, an American sailing boat, but she seemed to be having the same weather as us as she was going every which way at almost zero knots. Contemplating putting all the sails away, at least it would be quieter and less wear, then wind came back, thank goodness in less than an hour. Some rain squalls, bringing some wind during the night, then sailing very gently all day in sunshine, still with poled out yankee, main wing and wing, sometimes staysail as well. At least we are progressing slowly towards our destination. We did a noon sight - well Steve did the sextant bit and I worked it out, the latitude I got was about 20' out, its all a bit artificial when you have several GPS running as well, and of course you should be practicing taking sights every day. Aurora Polaris reported catching a 10kg tuna, we had 200g from a can last night!
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