Lexington - 3/18/17. 9°. 51'. south. 130°. 43'. west WASH DAY

We are doing well. The winds dropped a little so we changed to our asymmetrical spinnaker. A little squall came up so we furled the asymmetrical spinnaker and we are motoring until there is not much threat of too much wind. It keeps us thinking and paying attention to our environment. Our radar really helps a lot to allow us to see weather well away from us in the order of up to 48 miles. That is nice. Back to life on the boat. We mostly wear shorts and some sort of shirt. We get pretty sweaty with the least bit of effort. If I feel a little dirty I will wash whatever clothes I have on in the sink and hang them on the lifelines. Then I will shower and put on whatever I washed the last wash day. No sense getting fancy and you do not need much. We have to run the generator every night to charge batteries so we can run the water maker any time we are charging the batteries. Therefore we do not have to conserve water very much. Shower when you want. I will post a photo of wash day! Bob