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Celtic Star - Blog 13 Day 13 7th December

Assault by flying fish! So there we were, Alan and I sailing along, I was helming making a steady 7-8knots, occasionally surfing down the bigger waves, in
compete darkness with a fabulous array of stars over our heads, regular shooting stars splitting the night. Then
OUCH, at first I thought that someone had punched me HARD in the arm, I almost let go of the steering wheel, then I realised I been hit by a fish. A flying fish.
About 6 inches long, not massive, but judging by how much it hurt (surprisingly painful) it must have been doing about 30 miles an hour when the impact occurred. Really glad it wasn't in the face this time.
I saved the fish to use as bait for my fishing line, not a lot of success with that (the fishing that is). Started by catching a good size (enough to feed 6) Dorado, since then we've
caught loads but haven't managed to land even one, but have lost 6 lures and about 10 hooks on wire traces. Managed to lose the flying fish bait too. Now run out of gear!

Good news is we're onto the tinned fruit so pineapple upside down cake for dinner last night.

Richard on Celtic Star

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