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Celtic Star - Blog 12 Day 12. Friday December 6th again!

We are experiencing interminable swell that causes the boat to roll endlessly making anything even sleeping very difficult. Helming is quite a challenge too! Aching arms and shoulders, and the crew are getting tired. Sleep, eat, steer, repeat. Sleep, cook, steer repeat. Sleep,clean, steer, repeat. Dark nights and starry nights, bright days and cloudy days the time just passes by. Watch after watch we are making progress, and last night we passed the point of less than 1000 miles to go. Woo hoo hoo!
The fresh food is coming to an end-lots of onions and apples and a few courgettes left. We now have jars and tins and imaginative cooking! Anyway it is Friday and the weekend will bring a move on of watch partners on Saturday and another hour off the clock on Sunday. That will be UTC -3!


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