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Folie a Deux - The 'Unsung Hero'

The ‘Unsung Hero’
Every boat on the WORLD ARC has an unsung hero in its crew. After a year with the 2014-2015 WORLD ARC one can usually pick out the ‘unsung heroes’ amongst the other crews. Perhaps they should have a contest......anyways

There is no ‘one size fits all’ definition of the unsung hero. The ‘unsung hero’ is not telling us about all they fish they have caught, or how they’ve skippered the boat along the course with the most fairest breezes, or miraculously fixed the autopilot.

The unsung hero makes these long passages bearable. Somehow their thoughtfulness helps everyone aboard. Noticing a block that is twisted in a not quite right direction. Anticipating what needs to be done ahead of others. Even just sailing fast [without boasting]. Having peeled cold fruit to refresh the crew, or that special sauce tucked away to complement a diner.

But mostly, the ‘unsung hero’ is someone everyone relies upon. The day will not be right without their insight and help. They are selfless and dedicated. We could not have gotten this far without them.

Our ‘unsung hero’ is Tracey……I do not know how she puts up with us, sometimes![well maybe even most of the time on these passages]

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