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Boingo alive! - 06-07/07/12 - The Casting

The second step of our procedure was the most important move to get the project rolling: We wanted at least two “steady crew” for the entire project. And this for our timeline critical step developed smoother than we ever thought. In short time and without advertisement we’ve got two keen, “absolute beginners” ;-) on the hook.

Shortly after we felt the wriggling of the two adventurers we checked the compatibility of the team by organising a “Casting” in Koni’s alpine shack about 1’800 meters above sea level. This “Casting” was great fun leaving only winners behind. A competition was our programme guide, in which the “beginners” did so well, that the “offspring Skippers” Koni and Dondi could not outperform them. At the end of this experience session high up there was no need for a formal, official “welcome to the team” confirmation from neither side! We just fit together was in everybody’s mind – what a great feeling!

These two important team-members are people we knew already for some time:

Markus “Butz” Witschi sailed already with “Oingo Boingo” on our first Rally around, but could not stay as long as he wanted because of some personal matters 20 years ago! Now it is about the time to start the real adventure all around, he said to himself, and we just came in the right moment with our project.

Sandra “San” Balsiger went through some mentally difficult years in the close past and she got attracted to sailing hearing me and other friends in the local Curling scene going into raptures about this silly thing of hard living out there. After a first ever sailing holiday with others in the Caribbean the winter before, she was just there and away, stating “water is my element”. It took her only little consideration to make the decision to jump into this adventure leaving here proper business rest for the needed period.

The Team was born and first tests showed nothing but sympathetic compatibility. What a great chance and opportunity for all of us!


The soundtrack to this moment: “You’re the reason why I’m not afraid to die” from “Eagle Seagull”


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