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Design Najad 520
Length Overall 15 m 80 cm
Flag Iceland
Sail Number 2855

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Hugur - Hugur signing in for Arc USA

Sitting here in Martiniqe prepairing our selfes for the next trip ,the trip back home to Iceland the Arc-tic.We have now been sailing since june 2014 from Croatia to Canaries thenthe ARC + in november 2014 to St Lucia and then the amazing World Arc2015-16 that we just finished a few days ago in St Lucia.Its been hard to say goodbye to those dear friends we have made on ourjourney around the world.But we have made a plan for our first Reunion in June next year inIceland and that is some comfort that we hope to see all of our WARCfriends there .Until then Sailing on Island hopping towards the BVI to meet with ARCUS friends old and new.Svanfriður &Kristófer on Hugur from Reykjavik.(picture taken from Makena underway S.Afrika to S.America last january)Makena-20160123_8513-2. read more...


Hugur - Goodbye to beautiful Saint Lucia

Nú kveðjum við þessa fallegu eyju St Lucia, við komum hér næst í April 2014. Ævintýrið með Watermakerinn er ekki búið, Þeir (REGIS) gáfust upp í gær sem voru búinir að hafa verkefnið frá 3 desember í sínum höndum. Nú vonum við að sænskur Nick sem kom og hjálpaði okkur í gær nái að fixa málið en við förum á startlínuna eftir 10 mínutur og hann er enn ókomin þurfti að skreppa til næsta bæjar eftir varahlutnum. Við krossum fingur og látum hann þá hoppa frá borði við startlínuna og ARC fólkið pikkar hann upp í dingy. Bið og vona að það gangi eftir , þá ætti allt að vera farið að virka eins og á að gera. Myndin er frá the Pitons frá akkerislæginu sem við vorum á með Söru og Davie daginn sem þau fóruNow we say farewell to this beautiful island St Lucia, we will come here next in April 2014.. read more...


Hugur - We have arrived in Paradise

Wednsday 3 dec.0909 over the finishline for Hugur and crew, wery happy after thisamazingly beutlyful crossing of the Atlantic ocean 14 days Yey We havearrived in paradise.Nice rum punch and fruits await us on the doc , thank you Santa Lucia .Next explore island and other islands around St Lucia and then prepfor the World Arc in January.Thank you all .. read more...


Hugur - Hugur alone on the huge ocean

Still we are alone on this ocean NO ships what so ever visible on the horizonTomorrow will hopefully be our finish in St Lucia. So this nice adventure of sailing double handed over the Atlantic is coming to end. We feel quite relaxed and rested after the silk treatment the ocean has offered us.Second day of bread baking (since the bread we bought in CV and froze just finished 2 days ago) nice smell of newlybaked :)Better start sorting the garbage and getting ready for the life on land (where are my shoes?) Also time to pack deep down the fleece (that we used the first nights at sea and duvet)All is well on board Hugur, bring it on St Lucia. read more...


Hugur - Hugur the Atlantic and green bananas.

Thurstday 27thNovDo I love being on the sunny side of life? yesGood day at sea, good breeze we are taking a more southern heading andhoping for good winds all the way. Easy pea this Atlantic ocean, Ijustlove it. I know what it is capable of both here in the south andin the North where I come from. So I find it smooth and lovely as faras we have come anyhow.Friday 28th November.Still 5 days to go and the bananas are still green and hard !!*???Foodis otherwise good , most fruits and veggies finished, but we stillhave a lot of green hard bananas.We might need to throw them to the fish before arriving in theCaribbean , cause we are not allowed to bring fruits and veggieswithus.So also the Basil and Rosmarey and Mint plants will have to be thrown out .I love the Atlantic ocean it’s a smoothie J. read more...

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