Hurricane Beryl - Grenada Government Priority List of Relief Items

03 July 2024

The Islands and people of Grenada and the Grenadines are close to the hearts of many of our Rally participants as well as the World Cruising Club team.

In the wake of Hurricane Beryl, The Office of the Prime Minister of Grenada has published a 'Priority List of Needed Items for Hurricane Relief'

They are asking for donations of the following priority items:
* Water
* Tarpaulin (100ft, 40x30ft)
* Nonperishable food (milk, mixed vegetables, sardines, corn, etc.)
* Cots & sleeping blankets
* Pillows
* Batteries & battery packs
* Hygiene kits for women, men, and children
* Toiletries
* First aid kits
* Hand sanitizers
* Sanitary napkins
* Baby diapers & wipes
* Baby formula
* Adult diapers
* 5-gallon Jerry cans (water)
* Reflective vests
* Collapsible water bladders (3,000 gallons and bigger)
* Emergency solar/battery-operated radios
* Flashlights (solar)
* Solar lights
* Generators (5,000 watts)
* Chainsaws
* Spare bars & chains (18 – 32-inch blades)
* Fuel cans
* Books/colouring books for children
* Medical supplies (list to follow shortly)

Donations can be dropped off at the NaDMA (National Disaster Management Agency) Headquarters in Morne Jaloux, St George.

(Please note whilst Grenada Yacht Club were previously accepting contributions or donations, they are now advising that these must all go to the NaDMA) 

For more information or to coordinate donations, please contact [email protected]

At times like these there are a lot of people who will want to help, we recommend donating to official programmes coordinating relief efforts.