ARC Europe 2024 have begun to arrive on the beautiful island of Bermuda!

15 May 2024

ARC Europe 2024 have begun to arrive on the beautiful island of Bermuda! 18 out of the 34 boats in the fleet are on their way from St Maarten (Leg 1), with the first boat due to arrive on the docks in St George’s Harbour on 16 May. The first Leg has seen light winds this year so plenty of fuel will be needed for sure next week. In the meantime, 6 yachts have already arrived at St George’s from different destination in the USA and or Caribbean. Bermuda is where the entire fleet come together where they are all welcomed by the yellow shirt team who are on hand to support the fleet during their stopover.  

Over the next several days, ARC Europe participants will have the opportunity to visit Bermuda, an archipelago of 7 main islands and about 170 additional islets and rocks. Not likely to get lost in this Bermuda Triangle, the island is a mere 24 miles long and less than 1 mile in width or 20.54 square miles.  A British Overseas Territory, settled in 1609 by shipwrecked colonists heading to Virginia, its population is approximately 64,000.  3/5 of the population is of African ancestry and 1/3 include European, American and Portuguese from the Azores. English is the spoken language, but Portuguese is widely spoken amongst the island’s Portuguese community.  There is amongst all this a vernacular Bermudian English or dialect, which locals call Bermewjan Vurds.   If you are going up de country you are going to Somerset. For those of you sailing the Atlantic, you going’ cross de pawn. This little remote island certainly has a big heart and lots of history to discover.

34 yachts in the fleet collectively bring 140 participants onboard which only means the fun filled weekend of social events will be well attended. Starting with Happy Hour on Friday ARC Europe, get ready for some Bermy fun! A Dark’n Stormy, made with Black Seal Rum, will be offered by Goslings during Pirates’ Night on Saturday at the St. George Dinghy and Sports Club. Returning to the Club, Sunday evening brings a unique Gombey’s Dance Presentation, an iconic symbol of Bermuda, reflects the island’s blend of Native American, African, Caribbean and British cultures. This will be followed by prize giving for those on Leg 1 and a buffet dinner for everyone overlooking the magnificent Harbour.

ARC Europe 2024 see you there!