SailClear introduces an annual subscription fee of US$25

22 April 2024

SailClear is the service for yachts cruising the Caribbean which allows them to submit their Customs declarations electronically prior to their arrival in 15 Caribbean nations, including Saint Lucia and Grenada. The secure platform provides a fast and convenient way to submit and adhere to all travel requirements for yachts and crew whilst transiting the region. Use of SailClear leads to speedier clearance times, as yachts that do not pre-register will need to complete all required forms on arrival.

From the 1 May 2024, SailClear will be introducing an annual subscription fee of US$25.

Read the official SailClear subscription announcement hereSailClear_Sailors and Yacht Enthusiasts Subscription May 2024 (1).pdf

This move aims to ensure sustainable growth and enhance the platform's services to include an enhanced notification – submission experience and the expansion of member countries to better serve its community of users. By implementing a subscription fee, SailClear aims to establish a sustainable revenue stream to support ongoing development and maintenance of the platform.

The SailClear platform has been developed by the Caribbean Customs Law Enforcement Council Teaman inter-governmental organisation, established in the early 1970s, to improve the level of co-operation and the exchange of information between and among its members.

Petra and Wolfgan have been cruising the Caribbean onboard Gian - a Jeanneau Sun Odyssey 54D - since arriving in Saint Lucia with the ARC in December 2023, we asked them to share their thoughts on using SailClear:

"SailClear is now used in almost all Caribbean countries. The advantage of using the App is that you can fill out the documents in advance and then only have to sign them when clearing and declaring (one copy for customs, one for immigration and one for the skipper). Documents will be printed at the office. The personal data (yacht and crew) are saved in the App and only have to be entered once. Entering the crew list is always very time-consuming, especially with large crews. A stable internet connection is always required. If you have not filled out SailCear in advance, there are terminals available at customs or immigration. SailClear is currently not in use on the French islands."

Registering on only takes a few minutes and can be done any time in advance of your arrival with ARC or ARC Plus. Once you have registered you can submit your passage details in full initially, so only minor alterations and edits are needed for ongoing/future passages.

The Griffith family who crossed the Atlantic in 2023 with ARC Plus onboard their Broadblue Rapier 550, Blue Wonder have found SailClear easy to use, and when arriving in the countries who have embraced the system they have found that it speeds up the customs and immigration process. They have also found that whilst some countries still require paper forms completed, others will only allow you to use the SailClear system.  

The World Cruising Club will continue to monitor the implementation of the SailClear subscription fee and will provide updates when appropriate.