Welcome to Cabo Verde

16 November 2018

Cabo Verde Islands is a beautiful archipelago with 10 islands, 5 islets, and lies 500 NM from the West Coast of Africa, 860 NM from Gran Canaria and 2100NM from Saint Lucia in the Caribbean.

Sao Vicente island, with 60 000 inhabitants, has been the stopover for ARC+ since 2013 the 1st edition of the rally. As the cultural capital of the archipelago, Sao Vicente has a mixed culture with the exotics of Africa and Europe.

Marina Mindelo is located in one of the biggest bay in the world shaped from an old crater and it lays on the doorstep of the city, making ideal conditions for the ARC+ visit. The yellow shirts and the very friendly marina Mindelo staff are ready to welcome the 72 ARC+ boats. The first yacht expected to arrive within the next 30 minutes is the X-Yacht 65, Maltese flag, Nika skippered by Ziga Polanc.

The ARC+ fleet has been experiencing a great sailing, some squalls but overall good conditions from Gran Canaria. We have acknowledged a few minor failures within the fleet but both chandlery and sail maker are prepared to assist on the fleet landfall, so everyone can have a smooth turnaround and leave together to the Caribbean on Wednesday 21st.

The program put up together for the Cape Verde gives the opportunity to visit Sao Vicente on a half day tour, get to know and involved on the work from the charity SOS Aldeias supported by World Cruising Club, and a full day tour to the neighbour island of Santo Antão. The contrast of the landscape and being considered ‘the farm’ of the islands has been proved one of the most popular and enjoyable activities in the Cabo Verde Islands.

Continue following the progress of the fleet here whilst the boats arrive in Mindelo.