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World ARC 2019-20 Experience the Beautiful Tuamotu Islands

Having anchored in many of the steep sided coves and taken in the spectacular scenery of the lush mountainous region, the fleet dispersed from the Marquesas soon after the rendezvous in Nuka Hiva in hot pursuit of the Tuamotu Islands.

On arrival the stunning atolls did not disappoint. With the opportunity to cruise this archipelago made up of 76 atolls for several weeks and good weather on their side, the fleet managed to visit a good number of them. Each one provided a unique vibe with some being totally uninhabited making landfall on these particular reefs all the more special.

The safe anchorages available inside most of the atolls allowed participants to partake in local activities both on land and under the crystal clear water of the lagoons. Diving with sharks, kite surfing and picking your own pearls on Fakarava, snorkelling with dolphins through the reef passes on Rangiroa, attending local church services on Easter Sunday, creating barbeque parties on some of the more remote islands such as Teanea and being welcomed by the Mayor and given a tour of the old mining island of Makatea are just a few of the spectacular and unforgettable opportunities participants enjoyed during their free cruising period in the beautiful French Polynesia.

Many of the participants agreed “this is the true gem we have been looking for” and “this is why we wanted to sail the world to find precious places such as these.” Jo on Tintin summed up the experience by saying “the colour of the infinity swimming pool like waters were a feast for all the senses.” It’s clear to say everyone was awe struck by the people and the unique beauty of the area.

There is a big sense of achievement amongst the fleet and rightly so. Since the start of the World ARC in January, they have sailed just short of 7,000 NM, completed 10 stopovers and visited a vast number of some of the world’s most beautiful islands.

It’s now time for everyone to regroup. With a building sense of excitement and such strong friendships now firmly in place, the rendezvous in Tahiti this week is certain to see lots of stories and experiences shared over one or two well-earned chilled beverages.

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