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World ARC 2019-20 Rendezvous in Nuku Hiva

Organised by the Comité Du Tourisme De Nuku Hiva, participants were welcomed in the port by the local dance troupe. As participants were escorted up to the market area next to the dock they were greeted by beating drums and a spectacular dance routine which was made up of around 30 older children from the island. Everyone received handmade flower leis, garlands and gifts of hats and flower bands from the local stallholders. 

Much to everyone’s amusement a number of participants were encouraged to join in and try their hand at some of the athletic dance moves. 

After the official welcome the afternoon continued with a fruit tasting, Tahitian dancing and music performed by some of the committee themselves all taking place in the gardens overlooking the bay. Guides provided an explanation of all the varieties of fruit grown locally along with an explanation of the islands’ history and told stories about the island. 

During the late afternoon there was the opportunity for skippers to attend a talk on the Tuamotu Islands. Having learnt about some of the bigger islands and services they provide, it was a great opportunity for skippers to discuss their route plans and share ideas and previous experience of the atolls. This was followed by a brief on the next Rendezvous which will be in Papeete, Tahiti.

Taking place in the Salle Municipale the main event began with another spectacular dance performance reflecting the island’s traditions and family life. Moving outside everyone was treated to a dramatic and daring fire dance. 

Then on to the moment which the entire fleet is always keenly awaiting after every Leg, the prize giving. With everyone in jovial spirits, the results were announced. In 3rd place for the Multihull Division, was Cabana, 2nd place went to Mango and the winner despite losing all their spinnakers was the family boat, Charm. 

The Oyster 625, Nikitoo, came in 3rd for Division A Monohulls, closely followed by the magnificent green racing machine, Nica, taking 2nd place. To a huge applause 1st place went to the Hanse 575, Seaside

Continuing with even more applause, the Monohull Division B was won by another family boat, Aurora B. Cassiopee W was a close 2nd followed by Chanto taking 3rd place. 

The competition for the Estimated Time of Arrival was won by Nica who were only out by 1 hour and 45 minutes which for a leg of nearly 3,000 NM and 14.5 days was a great credit to her crew.

The bonus question, ‘how many fish will the fleet catch in total during leg 4?’, was won by Tintin who were only 4 off the answer of 62.

The Lucky Blue Jacket, lastly awarded to Sweet Dream was presented by Laura and Lars to Heike on Endo 2 for all her fantastic efforts on the SSB radio throughout the long passage and for enabling everyone to keep in touch. 

The activities on Nuku Hiva concluded with a visit to the local school. 12 of the ARC children were welcomed by just under 200 children who once again performed a magical dance story from the Marquesas. The ARC children were invited to join in and learn some of the dance moves which all of them loved. 

Afterwards all the school party moved into a classroom. This provided the perfect forum for the WARC children to show and explain where they were from and their amazing travels over the last few months.

The fleet have come a long way to find the Marquesas, but with the array of stunning trees, highly perfumed flowers, dramatic volcanic mountains, energy of the powerful dances and welcome by smiling faces, every mile sailed has certainly been worthwhile and this location for many of the fleet, has been one of the top spots in the rally’s itinerary. 

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