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Enjoying Carnival in Olinda - Brazillian Style!

Enjoying Carnival in Olinda- Brazillian Style
Monday, 07 March, 2011

 The World ARC crews got into the party spirit yesterday with a group tour to the Carnival in the nearby city of Olinda. The fleet met up in their colourful T shirts to take the coaches to Recife’s neighbouring city. Whilst it was an unusual sight for a Sunday morning around the Cabanaga Yacht Club, where the World ARC yachts are berthed, it was just typical attire for joining in with Carnival.

The coaches dropped the crews off at the fringes of the Carnival and they walked up towards the Blocos which was to be their home for the day. The Blocos’s are groups of Carnival goers who meet in a venue in the city, have a few drinks and some food whilst enjoying some Carnival music, and then spew out onto the streets to parade around, following their Blocos banner and carnival doll.

So it was a noisy start to the day but everyone soon got into the spirit of the occasion by joining in with the dancing and entertainment. Small groups left to experience the fantastic parade on the street and then returned for some rest and some shade at the Blocos.

As organised, some participants returned to the yachts after lunch but others waited for the Blocos to parade at 3pm. It was an interesting event with processions meeting each other in the street and passing one another. Occasionally it was chaos! But the atmosphere was fantastic. Following the parade, the coach arrived to take those who remained home – everyone was exhausted but had had an absolutely brilliant day.

To see the gallery pictures of the day out, CLICK HERE

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