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Salsa af Stavsnäs - How to behave among normal people 13.35N 58.03W

Somebody told me that they had friends that seriously thought that when you sail over the atlantic you sort of park the boat at night and sleep. Well we could use one night of full sleep now. Ellinor is more sensitive than I am, but I do feel that my watches are longer and sleeptime shorter.The kids are starting some frentic movements and they jump/run/climb whenever they go from one place to another.
The laundry bag is almost exploding and my armpits smell coliflower  I took Andreas to the shower today and he screamed like a pig going to be slaughtered. He have really enjoyed being wild, dirty and let's not talk about table manners, when there is no table!
So today we had some HOWTOBEHAVEAMONGPEOPLE practice.
Do you go up to the cockpit without pants?
Do you pick your nose.... and so on.
Since we have been only family on board we have really looked like a Robinson Cruise- Cruise.
Not many pictures have been taken, thank god , and the one that have cannot be shown, to bad!
We probably look more like a flock of monkeys than a civilized family, so tomorrow it is:
Pants on!
Eat with fork an knife.
Drink only from your own glass
Do not check somebodys hair while we eat
Close the lou when you are there
Do not walk on the table
Do not hang upside down when we have visitors, especially if you are naked
Pls finish what you are eating before you take a bite on another fruit
Do not yell in somebody elses ear (only in your own, if you can)
Others will not appreciate that you share your sandwich with them, after you have taken the cheese or ham away
LEGO is not a floor material, floors are made of wood or something softer
You drawings are fine, but we a drowning in them, pls select some and give them to just anybody on another boat, or at the street.
Your collections of stones, shells, garbage are great,but not in my drawers
No, not in the machine room either!
Nope, not in the kitchen
Make it a treasure, digg it down on a beach,  make a map, return later when you are an adult with your own little boat to fill
It is your car in the bilge pump!
How can anybody give a kid on a small boat (45 feet)  a puppy that makes noises! (Mary and Kelvin can)
No, this is a Kindle, not a ramp for racing cars
This is your hair, why do we have it everywhere? If you brush it, leave it on the leward side
Well thats the same side where you throw up

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