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Salsa af Stavsnäs - Family meeting N14 W44

Every monday, we try to have a short meeting where everybody can share their wishes and complaints. Well, the hard part is of course Andreas (4,5) who thinks these meetings are dull.
Me: But Andreas, these meetings are good, look what happened, you wished a cake and we made it.
Andreas: So, lets go and make a cake instead of a meeting
Me: So what is it like to be on the ocean?
Andreas: It's great, because I got a cake and I could build this gun with LEGO
Erika (8years old): I like it but start to look forward to go ashore
Ellinor: It is peaceful, it's only us and the sea, but I can also look forward to have some land and the pile of laundry is growing
Me:I think this is a very interesting situation,  have to practice patience, how long can it be? Imagine those that sailed to the USA in the imigration era, what a frightening experience! I'm also tyred, do not get enought sleep.
Andreas: I want to talk about how you make glass
Erika: you fool, that's not what we talk about here! It's made out of sand.
Me: Erika if somebody in your age was about to cross the Atlantic, any advice?
Erika: Bring knitting and LEGO
Ellinor: Andreas, what would you tell a boy in your age?
Andreas:skip the meetings...

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