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Berenice by TWT - Day 13 - Finished!

We finished this morning, second over the line in 12 days 21 hours and 40 minutes, give or take a few minutes this or that way. Congratulations to Vaquita who did a great race. They pushed us to always go a little faster, and we hope we did push them in the same way. Fair game to them.

The last 3 days coming up were very variable. We got becalmed for about 15 hours with no wind at all,  we even went for an afternoon swim along and around Berenice. The wind slowly and fickly pick up and we had a couple of days of gennaker sailing with the last 12 hours or so being quite fun with squall showing up randomly all over the night and wind picking up to 28 knots, as some of the crew claimed “exciting is back”, making reference to the exciting conditions we had for a few days during the first half of the crossing.

The squalls push us through all the way to Antigua and sppeds got up 18 knots which speeded up our approach to St Lucia, making it just for the sunrise, some great light for the photos crossing the finish line, and a very friendly and tasting Rum Punch at 715 am, yaa maan!!

Thanks for all who followed and thanks for the ARC’s yellow shirts for their welcome!

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