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Puddle Jumper - Day 10

Here we are just a speck in the Atlantic Ocean it can be quite romantic out here!! At night due to no light you can see millions & millions of stars & ones mind starts to think of other Galaxies & beyond.
But then you are soon bought back to earth with a whiff when you realise you have been unable to have a shower for 3 days. Mind you nobody complains( much) as we are all in the same boat! Over the last 10 days we have acquired new skills. I can now enter a head at 15 mph & when finished opening the door & get flung at 15 mph without breaking limbs. Eating our meals at night is challenging its like eating off a trampoline at a chimps party. Today we were deck cleaning & other chores  keeping the boat shipshape. Today has been our calmest day with very light winds & very hot so Charlie decided we should all have a swim in Mid Atlantic it was deep enough to dive about 4000 metres & all enjoyed the experience. The food must be mentioned again,Johnny & Charlie have done a mouth watering job so much so I have asked them to prepare the food at our next dinner party they will replicate the galley by being driven around in a caravan in a field at 50 mph! Hansel our navigator is doing a fantastic job providing the best course to St.Lucia.
Will Mc is a great asset to us with all his knowledge. Probably the biggest moment was the captains face when the Parasail was released for the first time without a snag. I just take a few photos !!
Everybody is looking forward to reaching our destination & meeting up with our loved ones particularly me.
Love to all.
PS  Skipper wants to know how Elise got on at T Q D O ?
2 days & no Gruffaloes!!!l
(Sneaking in to type to C, xXx)

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