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Great Escape of Southampton - Day 5 Great Escape 24 24N 26 20W

Day 5

We are finally out in the “real” ocean -and away from the short and messy waves closer to land – the waves that took half of the crew out ( included our British friends – even though its hard for them to admit, real men as they are).

NOW it’s the real Atlantic loooong waves perfect for surfing and smooth sailing. Great Escapes is “Great” in any ways and a pleasure to sail. We are easily doing 8-9 knots trying to beat our own personal records as we go along.

Over dinner last night we actually started to discuss “which day is it today?” – 5 days in sea and we are already out of the “phone, email, surfing, TV and red wine life” – amazing how fast you adapt.      I think we agreed that it was Friday yesterday.

Another amazing thing was actually the dinner in itself. My father, for the last 50 years, made fish for dinner and it tasted wonderful. I had no clue that he even knew were the kitchen is located – but in a boat (where its easy to find the kitchen) he is a master chef.  Talking about fish and fishing, Graham and Kaare tried their luck again yesterday, resulting in two lost fishes and two lost lines. The first fish, they told, in size of a whale and the second one, somehow smaller (but still “VERY BIG”).  Anyhow, both of the sea monsters run away with quite some valuable gear. TODAY we will try again -and this time catch one!

But there are fish out there. Big fish! When sun set, around 19.00, a group of around 20-30 very playful dolphins visited us, dancing around the boat, making a hell of a show for some 5-10 minutes. Thank you for making that Friday night a memorable one!

5 days in sea and we only occasionally see one of the other 225 boats, from 28 nations that we shared the start with some days ago. This night on duty, is the first night I haven’t seen any lights or boats out there. The Atlantic Ocean is certainly big enough for all of us.  

Its good to be out here in the Atlantic rhythm where we just are – looking out at the big blue, thinking about everything and nothing. Great to be at Great Escapes.




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