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A Lady - LOG DAY 28 : Painting is hard work

FRIDAY  1st  JUNE 2012
Looking back at yesterday, a day which was spent mostly with skipper painting a mural
on the quay wall, they say here that it is bad luck to leave without painting your logo on the quay,
Last night was the prize giving , we did not feature in the prizes, but it was just not our day. we were
first boat to arrive in " Horta" but we had too much motoring,  ahh well, we cant win them all, and over the last
3 years , we have had a more than our fair share of firsts and prizes.
Going back to the quay walls and the paintings
results in millions of pictures being painted on the quays and walls, just fantastic, what artists, displaying their talents
in every nook and cranny, many of them we know from the home ports,
Today , we did a half day tour of the Island which was excellent, the green vegitation was beyond that what we would
see at home in Ireland, which means they have lots of rain here,and that we can confirm..
They had an erthquake and Valcano eruption here a few years ago, so we paid a visit to the site today and viewed
the major addition to the Island as a result of that activity. these are the things one really never hears of ,
or expects in europe, the last time we saw anything like this was in the Galapicos Islands. ( the other side of the world)
On that, we have to say that this trip around th world was the most exciting thing we have ever done, the people we met,
the friends we made, the places we visited were awsome, and all by chance starting with the ARC in 2009, followed by the world
ARC in 2010 & 2011 and then ARC Europe in 2012 ( now on our way home ) after 3 years,
We really enjoyed our experience with this organisation, and their people, especially Paul & Suzana, who were outstanding.
we will remember them forever. and of course their boss , Andrew Bishop who has built a great organisation and surrounded
himself with great people.  
Thats it for now,
Signed :   Stephen hyde  (  skipper )

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