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Epiphany - Day 12

We are starting to get close!

Once again the weather forecast is little use. The low pressure we were in has fallen apart and we have a very variable situation. Last night was critical and Charlie pulled a midnight to 5am watch (alarms didn’t go off and she was not sleepy). She managed to keep us sailing till 8am this morning which was fantastic as it brings us within motoring distance (just) of Horta. This is a big step and brings us a lot of reassurance as if anything develops we now have the option to motor away from it. 

The plan today is motor north north east as tomorrow night a NE wind is due and we would like a nice angle to sail into Horta. Looking more and more likely for arrival on 5th. Hoping for daylight and a beer before bed. 

Nice to have a flat boat again. We can clean up and cook some real food. Last week has been noodles and tins as we didn’t feel like cooking in the sea state. 

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