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Epiphany - Day 10

Charlie is back feeling good and into the watch rotation. As a result I got 7 hours continuous sleep last night. Thank you crew. Sleeping at 30deg incline while bouncing is never easy. For me the best place is actually on the floor between the table and the sofa, with lots of cushions to wedge me in so I can’t move. Since it’s the lowest point in the boat is moves the least. 

Today sailing was good. Started off light and against current. At one point we were sailing forwards but going backwards with the current. The autopilot was very confused. This afternoon was much better and we keep a steady 7-8knots through the water. 8+ over ground as current is with us. We have this wind till tomorrow lunch and after that it’s going to be light. Maybe a motor for the last few days. Looks like 5 June arrival but still a lot to happen

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