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Epiphany - Day 3

We got updated weather this morning and after lots of reviewing and thinking we have decided to alter course a little to the North. All the forecasts agree that tomorrow lunch there will be a 10kt SW wind there for us. Recently it’s been unusual that all the forecasts agree so that’s a good sign. It means we go a little off the direct route but should be overall faster as we simple can’t motor the whole way. Staying on the great circle route the wind would have been another 24-48 more away. The other reason is that there is a small tropical low coming up from the carribean. Nothing crazy but likely to bring rain and thunderstorms and by going a bit more North we should miss these. 

Looking at the fleet some have the same idea but same stay on the great circle route or even go a bit south. Will be interesting to watch their progress. This afternoon we heard from the boats that went north as the beginning. They have now found the wind so it’s a good sign for us that the forecast wind will come tomorrow. 

The main highlight of today though was whales. A bit far off in the distance but we saw the huge tails in and out of the water a few times before they dived. No photos sorry. We also need lots of Portuguese man of war with their little inflatable air/sail bags. 

Other than that it’s just watches, eating and sleeping. Last night we did a quiz night with some other boats via what’s app. Despite joining late we came second. 

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