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Mary Doll - Day 1 - Rawhide and an International enquiry.

And we are off, to buy some lovely St Lucian rum and then we might just join a race, sorry a competitive but fun rally.
Jostling for position at the start we managed to stay mid pack and hopefully got a couple of good photos of our fellow participants raring to go.

We got our downwind sail plan deployed, poled out headsail, main on a preventer and staysail funnelling the wind onto our headsail. Reasonable speeds achieved, decent course, all was good. Well almost all, it rained and it was cold during our first night. Too many Caribbean days have been spent without jumpers or wet weather gear and Mary Doll was searched or rather ransacked for appropriate clothing.

Our second challenge, sleep. The sea is confused and we are often presented with large random waves from multiple directions. It’s a bubbling cauldron of a sea and the Rawhide theme tune is never far from anyone’s mind but if it is sung once more there will be consequences.

We received the position list today and Mary Doll is sitting last. Amy is a little miffed at this because Jadamama are in 14th place and if we get any closer to them we will need to propose. Amy is calling on the European Court of Justice, the United Nations and even the Canadian Mounties to investigate and amend. It’s a fair shout but I have a feeling she may have an ulterior motive for contacting the Mounties.

All on Mary Doll are well fed, healthy and smiling but we will have justice.

Mary Doll

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